Who We Are

Co.Ver.Lit Srl is a major producer of coating for metal packaging and is active on the market since 1978.
We are specialized in products for metal packaging for beverage, decorative boxes, aerosol and trays.
Many global producers of beverage, no matter the industry they operate as spirits, wine, oil or soft drinks, use closures coated with our products.

Co.Ver.Lit. srl is also available for manufacturing purposes.


Coating For Aluminum screw caps (from 18x12 to 30x60)

Internal lacquers transparent or coloured. Transparent or coloured sizes for traditional or UV inks. Enamels, NOVAR enamels, Wet/wet overprint varnishes, Coloured overprint varnishes

Side printing

Primer for NOVAR inks – Enamels – Wet/wet overprint varnishes – Special varnishes (soft touch, iridescent, metallic, etc)

Coating for boxes, trays, crown corks and twist-off

Aluminium, tin free steel, tin plate – primers – overprint varnishes – special varnishes (soft touch, no slip , iridescent)

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